Experiencia Vivees is a language and cultural Spanish immersion programme:  people studying Spanish from anywhere in the world and Spanish native teachers, travelling together for a few days in Southern Spain, “living an experience in Spanish” since it is the only language you can speak during this period of time.


A different way to learn: having fun, meeting people from all over the world, discovering Spanish towns and cities, knowing the history and the art, exploring the Spanish culture and enjoying the tapas.




Learn Spanish


This is what the programme is designed for: a linguistic immersion with natives, without scheduled classes, without grammar classes, just practical. To listen, to talk, to laugh… This is the best way to learn a language.


While in the programme your hearing is exposed to conversations in Spanish for 12 hours a day, with the plus of the different accents of our Spanish teachers who come from different regions of Spain and Latin America, something you won’t get if you travel to just one place.


You are immersed in an environment that forces you to speak Spanish at all times with Spanish native teachers. You will increase your confidence in yourself while speaking Spanish.



Leisure – Cultural


The main objective of experiencia vivees is to improve your Spanish while having conversations , so the programme has been designed to carry out in different environments, travelling to towns and cities, speaking about culture and history, enjoying flamenco and tapas. A whole week on vacation in Spain.


Experiential – Social


When we first designed the programme this was not our intention, but it has become a symbol of identity: a life experience, travelling with people with different nationalities, ideologies and ways of being. This is just not another trip.

The programme offers a lots of conversation periods where you can talk about your opinions, projects, ideas, wishes,… that build emotional bonds.



 I’m the founder and co-ordinator of Experiencia Vivees.

For me it is a real pleasure to be able to show you my land and my language. Come and join us!