Which is the minimum age to join the program?

The minimum age is 30 years old since Experiencia Vivees is a program for adults only.

Which is the average age of the attendees?

Between 30 and 65 years old.

Which is the equivalence of the Experiencia Vivees program?

The Experiencia Vivees program of 6 days is like a traditional course of 6 weeks in Spain. When you go to a country to learn a language you spend more time talking to foreigners than to natives. In our program you will spend 6 days speaking to Spanish speakers from different regions and with different accents.

Do I need to have a minimum knowledge of Spanish to join the program?

Yes, it is necessary a minimum knowledge of Spanish to take advantage of the program – basic-intermediate level.

How many people can attend the same program?

The program has a maximum of 8 participants. It could either be  2 native Spanish speakers and 6 non-native Spanish speakers, or alternatively, 3 native Spanish speakers and 5 non-native Spanish speakers.

The Spanish spearkers are teachers?

No always, but most of them are teacher of Spanish in another countrys.

Does the program include grammar classes?

No, it does not. Our whole program is practical, there are no classes scheduled. Each program has a coordinator that will help you with any personal or linguistic problem that may arise.

Who is the program designed for?

The Experiencia Vivees program is designed for students of Spanish, with a basic level that want to improve their Spanish quickly, while they get to know the Spanish geography, history and culture.

What do you achieve by the end of the Experiencia Vivees Program?

- To learn Spanish quickly

- To spend a week of vacations in Spain discovering its geography, history, culture and gastronomy.

- To live a unique, intercultural experience meeting people from other countries.

What is the difference with other learning programs?

We do not offer scheduled classes nor grammar classes. We are not a language academy. Our learning method is mainly practical.

How is the stay in the hotel?

We have four star hotels in all our locations, with double room (single use) with bathroom. If you would like to come with a partner, sharing the room, let us know.