Nicolle Leblanc –   Nantes (France)


"The best way to spend a week in Spain"


I usually travel by myself, but since I wanted to improve my Spanish and get to know Spain, I decided to join the program. It has been a different way to spent my vacation, getting to know Spain, its culture and history with people from different countries but communicating in Spanish, which has been much more interesting.


Barbarella Novak –  Poznan (Poland)


"Unforgettable experience"


The people I have met in the program and the wonderful time I have had have been a pleasant surprise. Every day was different, visiting different places and getting to know something different from the Spanish culture and history.


Erik Olsson –  Gothenburg (Sweden)


"I wanted to know Southern Spain"


I wanted to know Southern Spain and its gastronomy and since I know some Spanish, I decided to try the experience. I was in the Cordoba program. The city, the patios, the mosque, Medina Azahara are incredible. Since I am a cook I loved the day we traveled to the region where the Iberian jam and the olive oil are produced. The tapas in Spain are delicious.


Agnes Zimmber – Munich (Germany)


"It has exceeded my expectations"


It has been a enriching experience, not only because I have improved my Spanish level but also because I have spent an unforgettable week living with people from other countries. The place is beautiful and the food really great.